How Do You Tie a Men's Sarong?

How Do You Tie a Men's Sarong?

The traditional method of wearing a sarong in the Southeast Asian region involves stepping into a sarong and using a relatively easy technique to tighten the sarong around the waist without tying any knots. The word "sarong" generally refers to a simple piece of garment worn on the lower part of the body by Indonesian men. The sarong looks like an ankle-length skirt and it is considered common casual wear among men from several countries in the Indian subcontinent, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Sri Lanka.

The sarong is a simple piece of tube-like garment that measures about a yard wide and two and half yards long. Its fabric is usually brightly colored with simple checkered patterns or with modern printed designs.

The following shows the traditional Indonesian way of wearing the sarong.

  1. Step into the sarong
  2. Begin by stepping into the tube of the sarong. Alternatively, it can be drawn over the head. Once inside the tube, pull the sarong upwards until the hem right at the ankles.

  3. Pull and tighten
  4. Pull the sarong tight against the left side of the body by pulling the right end of the sarong away from the body. Grab the sarong at the right side of the body and fold the excess fabric across to the front to the left side of the body. Make sure to hold and keep the sarong tightly wrapped around the body.

  5. Roll
  6. Begin rolling the top of the sarong downwards over itself. Roll several times; when done properly, the sarong should tighten up enough to hold the sarong in place. The roll should also ideally end above the hips.