How Do You Tie a Long Scarf?

How Do You Tie a Long Scarf?

While there are many ways to tie a long scarf, Redbook Magazine suggests the cascade or the over-under, both of which involve looping the scarf around the neck and adjusting the tails, either in uneven lengths or through the loop. Tying a long scarf in either style takes very little time and requires a long scarf and a mirror.

  1. Shake out the scarf

    Before tying the scarf, shake it out to loosen the folds. This ensures the scarf's pattern shows after tying it.

  2. Loop the scarf around the neck

    Find the middle of the scarf. Place the middle against the throat, and let the ends dangle down the back. Cross the scarf ends behind your neck before bringing them back over your shoulders. Loosen the loop away from your neck.

  3. Create a cascade

    Look in the mirror. Hold on to one end of the scarf, and loosen the loop further. Let the tail not in your hand slip back over your shoulder. Pull the front tail over the loop to anchor it. Adjust the tail so that the ends are uneven. Secure with a brooch where the scarf crosses, if desired.

  4. Weave the scarf tails

    As an alternative to creating a cascade, create a weave. Keep the scarf in the initial loop with both tails dangling in the front. Take hold of one end, and weave it over and under the loop four times so that the short tail dangles in the center. Repeat the procedure with the other side. Check in the mirror that the two ends are similar in length.