How Do You Tie a Karate Belt?

How Do You Tie a Karate Belt?

To tie a karate belt, find the belt's middle point, wrap the belt around your stomach and create a knot. Ensure that the rank tape that indicates your next belt level is on your right-hand side after knotting the belt. The process takes about a minute.

  1. Locate the middle of your belt

    Fold your belt in half to find its middle point. With the belt hanging in front of you and the rank tape side on your left side, place the middle of the belt on the middle of your stomach.

  2. Wrap the belt

    Wrap the belt around your stomach, crossing it over in the back and bringing the ends to your front. Ensure that the hanging ends are equal in length. The belt end with the rank tape is now on your right. Overlap the ends so the end with the rank tape is beneath the end without tape. Run the end with rank tape to the left, and run the other end to the right.

  3. Make the knot

    Without twisting the belt, tuck the right end under the belt, and pull both ends tightly. Bend the end with rank tape up to make a loop, and flip the other end over the top. Run the right end through the loop formed by the rank tape end. Pull the two ends apart to make a knot.