How Do You Tie a Headscarf?

There are a variety of ways to tie a head scarf. One of the simplest ways is to fold a scarf until it is about 3 inches in width. Wrap it around your forehead and tie a knot at the back of your head.

  1. Create the "up in knots" design

    Using a skinny scarf, fold it in half and center it at the nape of your neck. Take each end and wrap it around the front of your head, making sure the ends intersect slightly above each ear, and tie a double knot. Next, twist the sides and wrap them around the knot two to three times. Finally, tuck in the ends.

  2. Tie the "twisted crown" knot

    A long rectangle scarf is best when tying the "twisted crown" knot. First, center the scarf at the nape of your neck, then bring both ends forward. Tightly twist the sides as you wrap the scarf around your head. Finally, tuck the ends under the twist.

  3. Tie the "bows away" knot

    Using a big square scarf, fold it diagonally into a triangle. Center its edge at the nape of your neck, and bring the sides around your head; make sure it goes over your ears. Tie a bow with the sides, and tuck the rest in the middle.