How Do You Tie a Full Windsor Knot With a Necktie?


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Tie a full Windsor knot by crossing both ends of the tie, folding the wide end up and over the crossed portion twice, threading the wide end through the loop and pulling the knot tight. It takes only a few minutes to accomplish this task.

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  1. Position the tie

    Position the tie over your shoulders with the wide end longer and on your right side. The thin end needs to rest over your left shoulder and be much shorter.

  2. Cross the ends

    Cross the wide end over the narrow or smaller end.

  3. Make the first knot

    Bring the wide end behind, up and over the crossed portion to the left of the tie.

  4. Make the second knot

    Cross the wide end behind and to the right of the thin end. Bring it over, up and behind the crossed portion to the right side.

  5. Make the loop

    Take the wide end, which should be on the right of the thin end, and cross it horizontally over the thin end to the left side. Bring it behind, up and over the knot.

  6. Tie the knot

    Thread the wide end down and through the loop you just created.

  7. Pull the knot tight

    Pull on the wide end to tighten the knot.

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