How Do You Tie a Cub Scout Neckerchief?

Boy and Cub Scout neckerchiefs are optional, and troops decide by vote whether to wear them. All members must abide by the decision once it has been made. The only thing you need to tie a neckerchief is the neckerchief itself. A serious of specific folds must be followed to create a tight rectangular shape that is then held in place with a neckerchief slide.

  1. Fold the neckerchief

    Neckerchiefs must first be folded. Place the neckerchief on a table or flat surface with the emblem pointing away from you. Grab the two outermost corners, and fold the neckerchief in half, creating a triangle. Then fold the long edge over about 1 inch. Do not twirl or roll the neckerchief.

  2. Use tight folds to create a rectangular band shape

    Fold the neckerchief into a band until 6 inches of the tip remain. The emblem should be visible. Be sure to fold tightly to prevent gathering around the neck. Once done, you should have a band shape with a triangular tip with the emblem in the center.

  3. Secure with neckerchief slides

    Place the band under or over your shirt collar with the emblem on your back. Pull both ends to the center of your shirt, and use neckerchief slides to secure them in place. The fit should be snug, but not too tight. Alternatively, the troop may vote that the ends can be secured with a slipknot or left hanging loose around the boy scout's collar.