How Do You Tie a Bow Tie Easily?

How Do You Tie a Bow Tie Easily?

To tie a bow tie, simply drape it around your neck, cross the ends over and use the shorter end to make the bow form. Create a loop with the longer end to finalize. You need approximately three minutes to complete this task.

  1. Drape the bow tie around your neck

    Turn up your collar, and place the bow tie around your neck so that the ends hang down on your chest, with one end about 1 inch lower than the other. Cross the longer end over the shorter one, and clasp it near your neck front where the two ends intersect.

  2. Create knot

    Run the long end up and under the loop created by the crossover toward your chin to create a single knot. Place the long end over your shoulder to pave way for working on the shorter end.

  3. Make bow form

    Form the shorter end into a loop, and hold it horizontally at your neck front so that it looks like a bow tie without a center knot. Clasp the bow form loosely where the knot is to be set, and hold the knot in place with your finger behind it.

  4. Create loop

    Drop the longer end over the front of your bow. This becomes the middle of your bow tie. Swing the longer end behind the bow form to form loop, and work this loop through the slot between the bow form and the knot. Adjust the position of the ends, and drop your collar.