How Do You Tie a Bandanna Like a Cowboy?

There are two ways to wear cowboy bandannas: the simple triangular bandanna and the wild rag. While the triangular bandanna is worn by folding the bandanna in half to make a triangle and simply tying the corners around your neck, the wild rag is more complex.

  1. Wrap the bandanna around your finger

    Begin the wild rag knot by first hanging the bandanna around your neck. Make sure the ends are of equal length. Grab the sides, one in each hand, and hold out your left pointer finger. Place this finger underneath the right side of the bandanna, and begin to wrap it around by pulling it toward your body, then up and over your finger. Next, grip the tail end with your pinkie finger.

  2. Begin to tie the knot

    With your right hand, reach underneath, and grab the left side of the bandanna. Bring the left side behind and over the top of your left hand. Next, wrap this side around your left index finger, this time pulling it away from your body.

  3. Tighten the knot

    There should be two loops around your left index finger. With your right index finger, poke through the middle of the new loop, which is loose, and grab the first loop, which is tight. Pull the tight loop through the loose one; this creates another loop. Finally, take the tail end on top, and put it through this loop and tighten.