How Do You Tie a Bandana?

How Do You Tie a Bandana?

To tie a bandanna, simply fold a single corner of the bandanna to form the forehead, then use the side corners to tie a knot at the back of your head so that the bottom corner passes through the knot. You need a flat surface to complete this task.

  1. Fold your bandanna

    Lay your bandanna open on a flat surface, and fold one of its corners over so that its vertex rests somewhere near the center of the bandanna. Adjust the size of the fold so that the final size of the bandanna fits your head. The final size of your bandanna increases or decreases with the size of the fold. Use the palm of your hand to smooth the bandanna to remove any creases.

  2. Fix the bandanna on your head

    Place the folded edge on your forehead. Pull the side corners of your bandanna to the back of you head, and tie a half knot. Make the knot sufficiently tight so that it does not loosen easily.

  3. Bring the bottom corner over, and tie the final knot

    Hold the half note with one hand so that it does not untie, and use your other hand to bring the remaining corner over the half knot. Tie the final knot over the bottom corner so that the bottom corner is held between the two half-knots of the side corners.