How Do You Tie a Bandana Around Your Neck?

There are a number of ways to tie a bandana around the neck, including the "Ascot Wrap," "French Knot" and "Square Knot" styles; however, the most popular method is the classic "Muffler" or "Western" style. This classic style is the simplest way to wear a bandana around the neck.

  1. To begin tying a bandana in the "Muffler" or "Western" style, the bandana should be folded in half to make a triangle.
  2. The bandana should be held by the corners at either end of the crease (or the base of the triangle), and then be placed around the shoulders so that the point of the triangle is pointing down the chest.
  3. The two ends are then tied together behind the neck, leaving a little of each dangling from the knot.