How Do You Tie an Ascot?

How Do You Tie an Ascot?

Tie an ascot by wrapping the right side around the left side twice before bringing it through the neck loop. Pull the right end down, tightening the neck as you go. Finish the look by tucking or tacking the bottom.

  1. Put the ascot on

    Place the ascot around your neck, keeping the ends of the ascot in front of you. Arrange it so the right end is approximately 6 inches longer than the left.

  2. Wrap the long end around the short end

    Grasp the longer right end, and cross it in front of the shorter left end. Then, cross it again so that it is under and over the left side once more.

  3. Pull the right end through the neck loop

    Bring the right end up, placing it through the loop at the neck. Continue pulling the right end up through the loop, straightening the ascot as you pull to create a snug fit.

  4. Adjust and smooth the ascot

    Pull the right end down in front of the left end, straightening the ascot as you pull. If necessary, adjust the top portion of the right side so that it is smooth, even and tidy.

  5. Secure the ascot

    Tuck the points of both the right and left ends under the front of your shirt or into your waistcoat. Alternatively, fasten the ascot with a tie tack to secure it.