What Is Tibetan Silver?


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Tibetan silver is a type of alloy, usually containing copper, that has been plated with a silver-plated material. Most Tibetan silver comes from China.

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Tibetan silver features two different metals. Most of the time, it will include copper on the interior and be plated with a material like tin. Nickel was removed as a plating material because it causes skin reactions in a great number of people.

Because Tibetan silver is not authentic, it generally runs for a cheaper price than that of real silver. This makes it appealing to people when they shop for jewelry online. However, because there are often toxic metals within the solution, it is not advisable for pregnant women or children to wear Tibetan silver. Items sold online have been found to contain arsenic and lead.

Tibetan silver is also sold under different names. These may include Nepalese silver, white metal or simply tin alloy.

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