How Do You Thread Your Eyebrows?


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To thread your eyebrows, draw your desired eyebrow shapes with an eyebrow pencil, cut and loop a cotton thread, twist the loop into a bow-tie shape, hold the eyebrows with the twist on the thread, and pull them off. Repeating this procedure for the remaining eye completes the process.

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How Do You Thread Your Eyebrows?
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Start by gathering a mirror, eyebrow pencil, cotton thread and scissors. Ice is optional. Once the necessary tools and materials are in place, use the eyebrow pencil to draw the eyebrow shape desired. View your eyebrows in the mirror to identify the hairs you intend to remove from the eyebrows. Using the scissors, cut off a 2-foot piece from the cotton thread, and make a circle by knotting the ends of the piece together. Apply the ice over the eyebrows as needed to reduce pain.

To twist the loop, open the loop over the thumb and index finger of one of your hands, and repeat the process for the other hand. Twist one of the hands at the wrist a couple of times so the loop forms a bow-tie shape. Hold the twisted part of the thread under the eyebrows you intend to thread. Open and close your hand the way you do when using scissors to allow the unwanted eyebrows thread around the twisted section of the thread, and move the thread against the growth direction of the eyebrows to cut them off. Repeat the process until all the unwanted eyebrows are off, and do the same for the remaining eye.

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