How Do You Get Thicker Eyebrows?

To get thicker-looking eyebrows, apply makeup accordingly. Encourage eyebrows to grow by cleansing them gently and using eyebrow moisturizer. If they are over-plucked, stop tweezing them.

  1. Find the start and end points of the eyebrows

    Place the tweezers along the inside of your nose to the eyebrow. Mark the beginning point with an eyebrow pencil. Using the outside nostril as a pivot, find the end point of the eyebrow, and mark with a pencil.

  2. Brush the eyebrows

    Use a spoolie brush to sweep the eyebrow hairs up. Identify areas of patchy or uneven hair distribution.

  3. Use powder as filler

    Take up eye shadow or brow powder in an angled brush. Gently brush the powder over the eyebrows to define their shape.

  4. Blend the color

    Use the spoolie brush again to blend away lines and to ensure even distribution of the powder.

  5. Set the color

    Use a colored brow gel to set the shape and color of the eyebrows. Look for a shade similar to your natural eyebrow color.

  6. Remove makeup gently

    At the end of the day, apply makeup remover to a cotton ball. Gently wipe the makeup off your brows. This keeps the hairs from breaking.

  7. Condition the brows

    Apply an eyebrow conditioner to the hair at night. As a natural option, try coconut oil.

  8. Stop plucking

    If brows are over-plucked, allow them to grow back in. Only remove the stray hairs from directly under the brow bone and between the eyebrows.