How Do You Thicken Hair?

How Do You Thicken Hair?

Thicken your hair by addressing the underlying cause of your thin hair, leading a healthy lifestyle, using hair-thickening shampoos and conditioners, and treating your hair gently. Thin hair can be caused by medical conditions, lifestyle choices, grooming habits and genetics.

  1. Determine the cause of thin hair

    Thin hair can be caused by illnesses or medications used to treat medical conditions. See a doctor to address thinning hair, as underlying conditions must be treated first to allow for thicker hair growth. Some medications also cause hair loss, and the hair does not grow back thicker until you stop taking these medications.

  2. Lead a healthy lifestyle

    Be sure to consume a varied, protein-rich diet. Protein is especially important in hair growth, but also be sure to consume an adequate amount of iron, zinc and vitamin B6. Avoid smoking cigarettes.

  3. Wash your hair

    Use shampoo and conditioner formulated to thicken hair. These products plump the hair shafts temporarily, so use them consistently to see the desired results. Dirty hair can appear flat, so washing hair every day gives the appearance of thicker hair.

  4. Treat your hair gently

    Prevent unnecessary hair loss by being gentle with your hair. Allow hair to dry naturally, avoid using heated styling tools, and protect your hair from the sun, as excessive heat can destroy the hair's natural proteins. Wet hair is particularly fragile, so towel-dry hair carefully.