How Do You Get Thick Hair?

Ways to get thicker hair include using thickening products, styling the hair by hand and protecting hair from the sun. Food products that thicken hair include eggs, avocados and olive oil.

Thickening products include shampoos, conditioners and sprays with special polymers that give hair a fuller look. Mousse also adds hair volume. Combing hair makes it look flatter, but using the fingers to style hair gives it more texture. Beaten eggs can be massaged into hair to give it protein, which strengthens and thickens hair. A mashed avocado moisturizes and adds body to hair. Massaging olive oil into hair adds softness while strengthening hair.

Hair is made of a protein called keratin, and a diet rich in healthy proteins and vitamin B can support keratin production, resulting in thicker, stronger hair. Foods rich in protein and vitamin B include meats like fish and chicken, leafy greens like spinach and brown rice.

The right styling products will also make hair appear thicker, like shampoos and conditioners that promise a boost of volume. A weekly deep conditioning masque can coat strands and help repair styling damage, helping hair become thicker over time.

Maintaining hair health is also important. Wet hair stretches more easily than dry hair, but it also breaks with less effort. Use a wide tooth comb to untangle wet hair gently, and try not to brush hair while it's still wet. Always protect hair before heat styling to prevent splitting and thinning; there are many sprays and serums to coat strands and keep them safe from blow-outs or flat ironing. Paddle hair brushes, the flat oval shape brushes, are a gentle option for styling. Remember to only brush hair once it's fully dry.