What Are Thermage Treatments Like?

During a Thermage treatment, the patient feels pulses of heat and cooling, as well as gentle vibration, delivered directly to the skin through a radio-frequency wand. A facial treatment takes roughly 45 minutes while a full body treatment may last around 90 minutes.

Thermage is a non-invasive skin treatment intended to reduce the look of wrinkles and aging. Over the course of a treatment, the tip of the wand delivers heat energy into deeper layers of the skin in order to promote healing and collagen production.

Most Thermage patients do not feel any discomfort; however, some patients report moderate pain during and after the treatment. Other possible side-effects include swelling, blistering and numbness of the face.

Thermage treatments are noninvasive and improve the look and feel of loose and saggy skin. Only one treatment is necessary per area and little healing time is required, explains Thermage. This treatment is ideal for people who cannot afford a lot of down time.

It works by stimulating collagen production and remodeling. The radio frequency energy penetrates deep layers of skin and promotes healing in the underlying tissues, states About.com.

This treatment works around the eyes, the face and body. Thermage helps the upper and lower eyelids look more youthful and rested. It helps reduce the appearance of loose jowls and sagging skin around the neckline. Thermage treatments can smooth skin all over the body and improve the appearance of cellulite, says Thermage.

Many patients feel improvements after the first day. Improvements continue to happen for up to six months while new collagen is being produced. Skin may be slightly red after treatment, but most patients are able to continue regular activities immediately following treatment.