What Test Can You Do to Find Your Skin Type?


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In order to develop and follow a proper skin care routine, a person must first identify her skin type. This is easily accomplished by identifying the qualities and habits of the skin through observation. There are several categories which describe a person's skin type, including normal, oily, combination, dry and sensitive.

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A normal skin type is one that is neither oily nor dry and has few visible pores and imperfections. Oily skin develops a shine quickly and may develop blemishes easily. Combination skin has enlarged pores and oiliness in the T-zone, which includes the nose, cheeks and chin. Pores are not visible in dry skin, and the complexion may be rough or red with noticeable lines. Sensitive skin often appears reddish and is sometimes itchy and dry.

If a person's skin type is uncertain, a blotting strip or tissue can be used first thing in the morning to determine how much oiliness is trapped in the tissue when pressed onto the face. If there are no spots on the tissue and a person’s skin feels dry, the skin type is dry. Those with oily skin find that the tissue is spotted with oily patches from different areas of the face. Combination skin is identified by oily spots that surface on the tissue after pressing on the T-zone.

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