What Are Ten Products That Promote Hair Growth?


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Some products that promote hair growth are over-the-counter supplements such as Biotin and Viviscal. There are also natural products that promote hair growth, such as aloe and essential oils, as well as professional salon topical products such as Ted Gibson's Hair Sheets.

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Ted Gibson's Hair Sheets contain wild orchid extract to normalize and nourish the scalp and lavender oil to stimulate hair growth by moisturizing hair shafts. Another professional salon treatment is Phyto Botanical's Scalp Stimulant, which contains several essential oils that clean the scalp and regulate its production of sebum. This eliminates dandruff and build-up that clogs follicles and inhibits hair growth. Some professional salon brands also offer supplements similar Biotin that provide the body with compound vitamins that specifically target hair, skin and nails.

Many natural products for hair growth are found at grocery stores or health food stores. These products are essential oils, such as peppermint oil to stimulate oxygen to the scalp or rosemary oil to encourage blood circulation in the scalp. Herbs like stinging nettle are placed on the hair overnight and prevent the production of hormones that contribute to hair loss. Aloe vera is full of vitamins that clear the scalp of sebum, and it has antibacterial properties to help deliver oxygen to the hair follicle. Apple cider vinegar is also helpful in eliminating build-up and restoring shine to hair, making the follicle healthier and encouraging growth.

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