How Do You Tell If a Rolex Is Real?


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Fake Rolex watches can be identified by looking at small details, such as the watch's sound, engravings, water-resistance and magnification of the date. Watches that cost less than $300 are unlikely to be Rolex because authentic ones can easily cost more than $2,000. Real Rolex watches are also heavy due to their quality metal materials.

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Rolex watches have intricate internal workings that result in a smoother motion of the second hand and no audible ticking sound, so any watch that ticks cannot be a genuine Rolex. Rolex watches have a smooth back with no external engravings, but the back cover has engravings on the inside, including the logo and serial number. These engravings are smooth, even and without blemish on real Rolex watches.

Even when submerged completely in water, a Rolex with a properly tightened case does not take on water. Watches that take on water are counterfeits. Rolex watches feature a magnification glass, which is also called a Cyclops window, over the date that makes the number larger and more readable. The large magnification is around 2.5 times, and anything less identities a watch as not a true Rolex. Other details to consider are dial writing, which should be smooth like the engravings, and the winding dial, which typically has many details.

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