How Do You Tell If a Prada Bag Is Genuine?

There are several ways to tell if a Prada bag is genuine; this includes examining the quality of the bag, including the piping work and leather and the detailing on the logo, zipper and lining. Prada bags also come with season codes, which can be cross-referenced with Prada customer service for verification.

Check the quality of the interior of the bag

Prada officially uses three different interior fabric linings in their bags, the classic jacquard repeating Prada logo lining and logo nameplate and the leather interior lining in the Lux saffiano leather tote. The other new interior fabric lining combines the classic jacquard lining with a leather nameplate. The interior fabric lining in genuine Prada bags is thick and matches the exterior color of the bag.

Check the inside tags

The tag inside the bag should only read "PRADA MADE IN ITALY" in capital letters with no punctuation or other markings. There should also be a small white tag inside that has a number on it. It is a season code, which indicates product information for the bag. This can be cross-referenced with a Prada representative.

Check the hardware

Prada hardware such as zippers and buckles are made with shiny brass, black palladium or polished steel, which are high quality metals that counterfeiters find difficult to replicate. All pieces of hardware in the bag including zippers, buckles, magnets, hooks and D-rings should have the name "Prada" engraved on them.