What Technological Capabilities Does Apple Watch Have?


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Apple Watch has the capability to communicate via Wi-Fi and Bluetoothwith the iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6 or6 Plus running iOS 8.2or later, and it isn'tnecessary to be within Bluetooth range either. The devicealso has an 18-hour battery life. The battery iscapable of being charged overnight, in the dark and without looking, asApple claims,because of MagSafe technology being used and a snap-on magneticinductive charger.

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What Technological Capabilities Does Apple Watch Have?
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While traditionally the crown on a watch is used to set the time and date, on Apple Watch it's embedded with the capability to be more multifunctional. The Digital Crown, as it's called, allows for navigating applications precisely, zooming in and out of photos, scrolling through lists and entering data, among other functions.

Apple Watch enables emails to be read, flagged, marked as read or unread or trashed. It can also be used to pay for items using Apple Pay.

The watch is made withForce Touch technology, a type of sensing capability,thatuses electrodes to distinguish whether a gesture is a tap or a deep touch, and then reacts accordingly. A deep, or firm, press signals a request for morecontextually specificcontrols to be brought up.

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