What Are the Techniques Professionals Use to Cut Hair?


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Professional hair cutting techniques include graduating, texturizing, point cutting and razor cutting. Men's hair cutting techniques also include blending with shears and blending with clippers. Knowledge of these techniques can help with cutting one's own hair, but can also be useful when talking to a stylist.

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Graduating hair involves building up the hair's weight relative to the head's shape. Graduating hair helps to frame the face and create side swept bangs, and adds a sense of movement to the haircut. Texturizing hair also helps to add movement, by giving more shape to a blunt cut. It generally involves adding different lengths to the cut.

Point cutting involves cutting the hair vertically with shears, as opposed to horizontally. This is another technique that stylists use to add texture. Razor cutting sees the stylist use a razor instead of shears, adding movement to the hair and making curls appear bouncier. It is also useful for reducing weight if the hair is very thick.

Barbers use their own techniques when cutting men's hair, such as blending between sections cut with clippers and sections cut with shears. Using clippers over a comb helps to blend sections smoothly, as can thinning shears. Hair that is blended well has no lines between the sections. Razor and shear cutting techniques add texture to men's hair by cutting it to slightly different lengths.

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