What Are Some Techniques to Efficiently Packing a Suitcase?


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Some techniques for efficiently packing a suitcase are to plan out a checklist of necessities, store socks and other small items in shoes, and roll up clothes that do not wrinkle easily, such as sweaters and T-shirts. Place folded items such as collared shirts and dresses on top of everything to prevent wrinkles. Wait until the end to place undergarments, belts and socks into any available leftover space.

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When planning out a checklist of what to bring, make sure to check the weather forecast of the destination to bring the proper clothing. Plan out an outfit or outfits for each day to prevent over-packing.

Rolling clothes takes up less space but causes wrinkles in delicate fabric. Therefore, it is best to only roll up durable fabrics such as cotton and wool. Place shoes at the bottom of the suitcase, followed by a tightly-packed layer of heavy rolled items that could include jeans and sweaters. Put any breakable items on top of the heavy layer, then place lighter rolled-up items such as T-shirts on top. The folded clothes should go on the top layer to prevent wrinkles and make it easier to remove these items for hanging.

On the return trip, consider buying a compressor bag for dirty clothes. This reduces the amount of space dirty clothes take up in the suitcase, leaving room for souvenirs or gifts.

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