What Is the Technical Makeup of a Wristwatch?

What Is the Technical Makeup of a Wristwatch?

The technical makeup of a wristwatch includes the case and the works, or movement, inside the case. The parts of the movement include the frame, which supports the movement; the power unit, which keeps the watch running; the train; the wheels that carry the power from one wheel to the other; and the escapement. The escapement controls the speed at which the watch operates.

The frame is usually made of at least two metal plates that are held apart by pillars. The power unit in a mechanical unit is the main spring, which is a thin ribbon of tempered steel located inside a barrel-shaped gear wheel. There are two kinds of barrels: the going barrel and the winding barrel.

The power unit in a quartz watch is a battery that provides an electric current to a piece of quartz shaped like a tuning fork. This tuning fork oscillates at 32,768 vibrations per second. In a quartz watch, these vibrations are converted to one per second.

The train of a wristwatch is made up of wheels and pinions that mesh with each other. A center wheel connects to the wheels that drive the second, minute and hour hands. The balance wheel is part of the escapement and controls the running of the watch.

A watch also has a dial with numbers on its face and at least two hands to designate the hour and the minute.