How Do You Tease Your Hair?

How Do You Tease Your Hair?

To tease your hair, grasp a 2-inch section of hair at the crown of your head, hold it straight up, comb it back toward your scalp, apply hairspray, set the section back down, smooth the surface, and arrange your hair with your fingers. This 10-minute procedure requires a mirror, a styling comb and hairspray.

  1. Section the hair

    Use the pick end of the comb to separate a 2-inch section of hair from the middle of the crown. Lift the section up, and comb it from the root to the tip.

  2. Backcomb the section

    Pull the section straight up toward the ceiling, insert the comb about 4 inches from the scalp, and gently pull the comb down to the scalp. Remove the comb, reinsert it 4 inches from the scalp, and pull it down again. Repeat several more times.

  3. Apply hairspray

    Hold a can of flexible-hold hairspray 12 inches from the teased hair section, and mist the bottom 4 inches. Lay the section down over the rest of your hair.

  4. Smooth the surface

    Gently run the comb over the surface of the teased hair section, but do not press down.

  5. Set the style

    Arrange the rest of your hair with your fingers, and set it with a light application of hairspray.