Is Tea Tree Oil Good for Treating Scalp and Hair Problems?


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Although the evidence is insufficient as of 2014, studies so far support the claim that tea tree oil is beneficial for the scalp and hair, according to WebMD. The oil is said to clean the pores of the scalp, promoting hair growth, and its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties fight dandruff.

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According to WebMD, early research that using a 5-percent tea tree oil formula helps eliminate dandruff has not been verified. More research must be done before such claims can be stated with certainty. However, it is widely accepted as healthy for the skin. Its treatment of the scalp also encourages healthy hair growth, according to Tea Tree Oil for Hair. A research article in the Journal of Applied Microbiology confirms that tea tree oil contains anti-fungal components. How effectively these work for the scalp and hair is unclear.

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