Does Tea Tree Oil Cure Nail Fungus?


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Tea tree oil is effective in treating toenail fungus, according to DrWeil.com. Tea tree oil is a natural disinfectant that can be applied to affected nails twice a day. Results may take up to a year as the nail must grow out for the fungus to be eliminated.

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Applying 100 percent tea tree oil twice a day for six months cures nail fungus for 18 percent of people, reports MedlinePlus. After three months, nail appearance and symptoms improve for 56 percent of people and for 60 percent of people after six months.

Precautions to avoid recurrence of nail fungus infections include keeping feet clean and dry, wearing waterproof sandals, changing socks or hose daily, clipping toenails straight across and shorter than tips of toes, and keeping moisture away from feet, explains DrWeil.com.

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