Do Tea Bags Reduces Dark Under Eye Circles?

tea-bags-reduces-dark-under-eye-circles Credit: Maximilian Stock Ltd./Photolibrary/Getty Images

Tea bags from caffeinated tea blends can help decrease the appearance of dark under eye circles. Dark circles can appear under the eyes due to a number of causes and tea bags are an affordable and efficient way to treat them.

The Sydney Morning Herald explains that one of the most common causes of dark circles is the existence of blood vessels close to the surface of the skin. These vessels can cause a darker appearance under the eyes; increased blood flow only increases the problem. Caffeine is known for its ability to cause blood vessels to dilate, so applying a caffeinated tea bag underneath the eyes can significantly reduce the appearance of dark circles. WebMD suggests placing a chilled tea bag under the eyes not only to reduce the appearance of blood vessels but to decrease swelling as well.

Dark circles can also be caused by the contour of the space underneath the bottom eyelid; in this case, reducing swelling goes a long way towards evening out the skin's overall appearance. Other remedies recommended by professionals include a small amount of hemorrhoid cream applied underneath the eyes, cucumber slices, other cool temperature items and retinoic acid. When used in conjunction with these other treatments, tea bags can be very effective at reducing the appearance of dark circles.