Which Tattoos Symbolize Freedom?

Tattoos of butterflies, feathers, dolphins and birds symbolize freedom. These images of animals and nature are used by tattoo artists to represent liberty and independence.

The butterfly is a popular tattoo choice for women and girls. The image of the butterfly represents the desire to take flight, as well as the freedom, femininity and elegance attendant to this wish. Butterfly tattoos come in many colorful combinations and can be placed anywhere on the body.

Feather tattoos also carry a connotation of freedom. Plumage feathers, turkey tufts and peacock feathers are popular variations, and they can be done in black and white or color ink. The buoyant and delicate image of the feather also symbolizes dreams, happiness and love.

Dolphin tattoos are used to represent happiness and freedom. They are commonly combined with other imagery, such as flowers, the yin and yang symbol and hearts. Combine a dolphin with a butterfly for an extra dose of symbolic freedom. Dolphin tattoos are traditionally inked on the feet and arms.

Bird imagery is used to denote the freedom that comes with spreading wings, taking flight and breaking free from constraints. Delicately inked birds are the most popular variety, but eagles and vultures are also favored by many.