What Tattoos Symbolize Change?

What Tattoos Symbolize Change?

Butterflies, cherry blossoms and the phoenix are common tattoos symbolizing change. Skulls can also represent a type of change as do uncommon tattoos such as Hindu gods or scarab beetles.

According to Inked Mag, butterfly tattoos are especially associated with ideas relating to change, such as metamorphosis and rebirth. This relates to the reality a butterfly starts out as a caterpillar before changing into a butterfly in its chrysalis.

Cherry blossoms last for only a short time. Cherry blossom tattoos remind the wearer that all things pass. In Buddhist belief, they symbolize transition. In a similar manner, skulls are associated with death, so skull tattoos often represent transition. The phoenix, a mythological bird that is born from fire, symbolizes resurrection and rebirth.

Tattoos related to certain Hindu gods represent change. For instance, Ganesh is the elephant-headed deity who removes obstacles and creates new beginnings. A tattoo of Ganesh corresponds to new beginnings. Similar to skull tattoos, a tattoo of the Hindu goddess of Kali is associated with death and change. Kali is the goddess of death, energy and time.

In ancient Egyptian mythology, the scarab beetle represents the heavenly cycle. A tattoo of a scarab beetle symbolizes transformation and rebirth.