What Tattoos Symbolize Being in a Relationship?


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Tattoos that symbolize being in a relationship include anchors, hearts, infinity loops, and verses or sayings expressing love. In addition, iVillage suggests that matching or coordinating tattoos can be strong statements of commitment within a relationship. About.com warns against using the significant other's name as a tattoo, however, because the tattoo may last longer than the relationship does.

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Matching or coordinating tattoos are popular ways for a couple to symbolize their relationship. Clever tattoos that coordinate without being exactly the same include a lock on one person and a key on the other or a special phrase or verse split between the two people, with half of the phrase on each person. Some people choose tattoos that, when each person's tattooed body parts are held together, form a cohesive image, such as a heart. Other tattoos that make the relationship between two people clear are those of famous pairs, such as a king or queen tattoo, Mickey and Minnie Mouse or salt and pepper.

Another idea is to have the ring fingers tattooed to replace a wedding ring, perhaps with the image of the missing ring or with the date of the wedding. Some people also choose matching mirror-image tattoos to symbolize their relationships.

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