What Are Some Facts About Tattoos on the Lower Abdomen?


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The stomach, and particularly the lower abdomen, is one of the most popular tattoo placements. Because the area is very elastic, lower abdomen tattoos will often stretch and morph as you gain or lose weight. A possible future pregnancy is another consideration for women thinking about getting a tattoo in the area.

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The placement and size of a tattoo will affect the pain experienced while getting it. Because the stomach is very fleshy and the skin on it is loose, without a lot of solid tissue underneath, stomach tattoos can be quite painful.

Getting an infection from a tattoo is possible, but there are a few things you can do to protect yourself. Make sure that the needles and tattooing equipment are sterilized and the tattoo artist experienced. Always take proper care of the skin for the first few weeks after getting a tattoo as you could still get an infection.

Depending on your location, the artist's experience, the size of the tattoo, its design, and the time it takes to finish, tattoos can cost anywhere between $50 to several thousand dollars. Most tattoo artists have minimum flat fees for tattoos as small as less than a square inch, and price bigger tattoos by either determining a flat fee for the job or setting an hourly rate.

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