What Tattoos Does Justin Timberlake Have?

tattoos-justin-timberlake Credit: LOIC VENANCE / Staff/AFP/Getty Images

Justin Timberlake has six tattoos, including religious tattoos and ones related to his time with the boy band, 'NSync. Each tattoo is linked to something personal in his life.

Since Justin Timberlake comes from a Christian background, one of his major tattoos is a large cross tattoo. It's displayed prominently on his upper left shoulder. The tattoo is designed with realistic detail, light and shadow. His largest and most intricate tattoo is a big cherubic angel that is placed on his back. The angel stretches from the nape of his neck to between his shoulders. The angel is set to a celestial background and had intricate feathered wings. The angel carries a banner that has his mother's initials. Above the entire image are the words "Guardian Angel." The tattoo is dedicated to Timberlake's twin sister, who died at birth.

Timberlake also has tattoos from when he was a member of 'NSync. The first tattoo is a band of flames with a red rope on the bottom. The second tattoo depicts a marionette. Both tattoos symbolize the group. Wrapped around Timberlake's calf, he has an astral band tattoo. In the middle of the link it has the Aquarius symbol, his zodiac sign. His final tattoo is one he has placed on his lower leg. It's the Chinese character for "song."