What Are Tattoos of Baby Boy Angels?


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Tattoos of baby boy angels can be memorials, symbols of love or even religious. Baby boy angel tattoos are typically done in somber tones if they are memorials. However, the style of any angel tattoo varies widely.

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One reason people get baby boy angel tattoos is to commemorate the death of an infant son or even a miscarriage. However, sometimes baby boy angel tattoo images come from classic art. If this is the case, they may symbolize innocence, purity, peace or even devotion. One of the most popular tattoos is the image of the angel from the Sistine Chapel.

In fact, cherubs are baby boy angels. Cupid, of course, is the most famous cherub. Cherub angels have a deep history that predates Christianity. Nonetheless, images of Cupid or other cherubs are typically meant to symbolize love.

Angel tattoos are typically depicted with wings. These tattoos can be simple or stylized, like a cartoon. However, many of them are detailed and in full color. Baby boy angel tattoos are often combined with other designs, such as clouds, a cross, banners, halos, bows and even the devil. Naturally, cherubs with bows are typically representations of Cupid. However, baby boy angels are sometimes used to symbolize the conscience, with the cherub being the good choice and the devil being the bad choice. If in memorandum, the baby boy angel tattoo often includes lettering.

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