What Are Some of the Best Tattoo Websites?


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Some of the best tattoo websites are blogs and websites that provide historical information or context about tattoos. Examples of these include "How Tattoos Work" by How Stuff Works, "Tattoo Road Trip," and "Needles and Sins."

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What Are Some of the Best Tattoo Websites?
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"How Tattoos Work" by How Stuff Works is a resourceful site that explains the tattoo process to those unfamiliar with it. It describes how ink pierces the skin and remains there for the life of the tattoo.

"Tattoo Road Trip" is a blog that showcases tattoos, artwork, issues facing the tattooed community, horror stories, tattoo parlors and more. Similarly, the "Needles and Sins" blog features tattoos, tattoo news, celebrity interviews, tattoo expos and tattoo magazines. It also offers tattoo options and provides information about tattoo conventions and related events.

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