What Are Tattoo Swirls?


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Swirls are decorative wavy lines, curls and curves, and they are a common addition to tattoos. Women often decorate tattoos with swirls. Some of these tattoos include names, hearts, flowers, stars and other details along with swirls. More masculine tattoos which are ornamental or monochromatic pattern designs, such as tribal designs, are also sometimes decorated with swirls of fine lines.

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Swirls give a melodic and stunning effect to a tattoo. Small tattoos are often decorated with swirls to give them a richer and finer look. Fonts, names or phrases are also often decorated with swirls. Wavy tattoos that consist of swirls include vine tattoos, branches or trees.

A small simple tattoo decorated with swirls isn't difficult to design but has a great artistic effect. However, more complex designs that are composed of swirls and other elements require a lot more attention to detail.

Modern-day tattooing has changed significantly since the tradition was bought into the western world in the late 18th century. As of 2014, more advanced systems and materials exist in the industry. The designs have also changed a lot from the initial tattoo designs. Throughout history, tattoos were common among criminals, soldiers, sailors and prostitutes. This is why in some countries, tattoos are still perceived as being in bad taste. However, people often get tattooed not just for fashion but because tattoos have valuable meanings for them.

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