What Tattoo Represents Inner Peace and Strength?

While there are many options for tattoos regarding symbols of strength, the universal symbols for peace tend to be regarding peace among people, not inner peace. Animals often appear as symbols of strength in many cultures.

Perhaps the most well-known symbols of peace are the dove, the olive branch and the peace sign. The white poppy and the crane are lesser known; however, none of the aforementioned represents the concept of inner peace specifically. Ultimately, a tattoo representing inner peace should be personally meaningful to the person getting the tattoo. As such, the person should consider what represents inner peace to him or her. Some choose to incorporate elements of their heritage and culture in their chosen tattoo designs.

There are many symbols of strength, including the lion, bear, bull, jaguar, griffin, Celtic boar and eagle. The oak tree has also been used by the Celts, Greeks and Romans to represent fortitude. Additionally, ancient cultures in Africa used the Tabono, which is a symbol resembling paddles, to signify strength and perseverance. The Akindra people of West Africa also use a strength symbol called the Okodee Mmowere, resembling a thick cross with three horizontal sections. Additional options for symbols of either peace or strength may include the Japanese Kanji or Chinese characters.