What Are Tattoo Parties?


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A tattoo party is a gathering of many people with the intention of getting tattoos. Sometimes a person brings a tattoo gun and ink to a private residence. Sometimes a tattoo party is held at a tattoo shop.

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What Are Tattoo Parties?
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Tattoo parties vary greatly in professionalism and safety. Because most tattoo parties do not take place in licensed tattoo shops, the level of sanitation practiced can be far lower. A responsible person at the tattoo party needs to sanitize the area where the tattooing is to take place and make sure there are enough needles and inks to prevent cross contamination.

The expertise of the tattoo artist varies as well. Some professional tattoo artists participate in tattoo parties, but often the artist at a tattoo party is just learning. That person may even have just bought the equipment and have no experience at all.

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