What Are Some Tattoo Ideas Involving Graveyards?


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Tattoo artists have designed a wide variety of graveyard tattoos including cartoon scenes, haunting scenes and graveyards meant to specifically symbolize the passing of a pet or beloved friend. Cartoon graveyard tattoos tend to be brightly colored and feature graphic and bold characters, seemingly contradictory to the more subdued graveyard theme. A more traditional graveyard tattoo is a black and grey tattoo with realistic art depicting tombstones, wrought iron gates and elements such as black crows and barren trees.

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Tattoos meant to symbolize the passing of a family member or close friend often incorporate a headstone with the dates of birth and death for the deceased. They also may include macabre imagery such as the grim reaper or religious imagery such as angels.

Skeletons are another interesting idea to consider incorporating into a graveyard tattoo. Some tattoo artists incorporate skeletons by having the skeleton emerge from the ground by a tombstone. Other artists simply depict the skeleton walking around the graveyard.

Religious elements work very well in graveyard tattoos. Many graveyard tattoos have a church or religious building in the background detailing. Other tattoos include angels and demons, sometimes balanced on either side of the tattoo and sometimes directly in conflict with each other within the tattoo. These graveyard tattoos vary based on the religion of the person receiving the tattoo and her religious affiliation.

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