What Are Some Tattoo Ideas for Best Friends?


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Tattoos for best friends can be matching images, or separate images that complement or relate to one another. Matching images can depict an object, character or quotation that appeals to both friends. Complementary images can be two halves of the same image, slight variations on an image or two related characters or symbols from a book or movie.

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Matching best friend tattoos can represent a specific memory, experience or interest the friends share. An image of an object or tool used in a shared hobby, pastime or sport makes a great friendship tattoo. A best friend tattoo can also be an image that both friends simply find visually appealing.

Images, symbols and characters that represent friendship make great friendship tattoos. Almost every language has a single word or symbol for friendship. Images of two clasped hands or two hands holding a heart, such as those that appear on the Irish Claddagh ring, are common symbols of friendship and great tattoo ideas.

For friendship tattoos that consist of two halves of the same image or quotation, the friends can find an image, or a quote from a book or poem that they both enjoy. Each friend's tattoo consists of half the image or quote.

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