What Is the Tattoo That Gemma of "Sons of Anarchy" Has on Her Chest?

tattoo-gemma-sons-anarchy-her-chest Credit: Jerod Harris / Contributor/WireImage/Getty Images

Gemma, of "Sons of Anarchy," has a tattoo of a crow with a heart and a skull in the center. It is a symbol that women in the fictional Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club wear.

A crow tattoo with a heart in the center and the word "forever" underneath is a symbol, worn by the women on the show, that represents their association with the motorcycle club. The men who belong to the club wear a tattoo of the Grim Reaper. Most of the club's women place the tattoo on the small of their backs, but Gemma wears the tattoo above her left breast, possibly to partially conceal scars from a heart operation. The skull is also a personal touch that only she wears.