What Are Some Tattoo Designs of Women?


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Tattoos for women are quickly growing in popularity and take on a variety of designs. Among the most popular tattoos for women are butterflies, tribal tattoos, hearts, flowers, swallows, stars, zodiac symbols, fairies, owls, wings, crowns, feathers, cherry blossoms, dream catchers, and text quotes.

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Women's tattoos differ from men's in that they tend to be smaller, less aggressive, use thinner lines, and are usually isolated in location. Choosing a tattoo design is a process, but deciding where to put it is sometimes even harder. Common places for tattoos on women include the lower back, the inside of the wrist, above the ankle, on the feet, on the back of the neck, near the shoulder blade, on the upper arm, on the hip, and on the ribs.

After you have decided on a tattoo and where it will be placed, the real research begins. The perfect tattoo requires choosing the right tattoo shop and artist. Because of the growing popularity of tattoos, there are many artists with diverse specialties, but there has also been a growth in artists and shops that are not as clean or professional as one might like.

Professional shops have portfolios online that showcase their work, and before getting a tattoo, you should check out different portfolios to find an artist whose style matches up with your idea. You should also make sure that their work is consistent, clear, and of high quality. Getting a tattoo is a permanent commitment, but by choosing a meaningful design, picking the right place to put it, and researching artists, it can be one that you will never regret.

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