What Tattoo Designs Symbolize Lung Cancer?

The most common tattoo design that symbolises lung cancer is a ribbon. The colors used to represent lung cancer are usually grey or silver, sometimes tending toward blue.

Ribbons usually represent all forms of cancers and can be worn either in memory of a lost loved one or to show support or encouragement for a loved one who is suffering from cancer. People who have survived cancer also wear ribbon tattoos as signs of victory and survival. Different cancers have different colored ribbons commonly used to represent them. The usual colors are grey or silver for lung cancer, pink for breast cancer, blue for colon cancer and gold to represent people who have survived childhood cancer. Lavender usually represents all kinds of cancers, and green represents kidney cancer.

For lung cancer and other cancers with a high rate of mortality, the ribbon design can be enhanced with words such as "love," "hope," "in memory" or the name of a loved one and the dates of that person's birth and passing. Other symbols of hope, such as representations of a religion or belief system, or images of clouds, butterflies and anchors, are also added to make the tattoo personal and meaningful.