How Do You Get a Tattoo Certification?


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If you are interested in getting a tattoo license, it is important to do so in the state in which you plan to work. Though the process for getting the license is similar from state to state, in order to work in a parlor legally, you must be licensed in that state. You must be 18 years old to be licensed.

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How Do You Get a Tattoo Certification?
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  1. Obtain your bloodborne pathogens certificate

    Before you can get a license, you must be certified in bloodborne pathogens. To get this certification, you can contact your local community college, health department office, hospital, or American Red Cross office. You will need to pass the training course in order to get the certification.

  2. Fill out your application

    Once you are certified in bloodborne pathogens, you will need to fill out an application that you will mail to the department of licensing for your state. You can find the application by either visiting your local department of licensing office or their website. You must do this step through the state in which you plan to work.

  3. Mail your application

    The address to mail all completed forms should be located on the application. Make sure that your application is complete and that you have attached any supporting documents. There may be a fee for applying, so make sure you've also included the correct and full amount. Your application is valid for one year after the issue date.

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