How Do You Taper Pants?

How Do You Taper Pants?

To taper pants, put the pants on, and pin the seams along the legs to the desired tapered fit. Turn the pants inside out, and sew to create a more slender leg opening.

  1. Pin the pants

    Put the pants on, and mark them where you want the new seams to be. You may either pin them while still wearing them, or take them off and pin them. It is easier to have someone else pin them if you are still wearing them. You may pin them either along the inseam or the side seams. Pinning along the side seams is easier, but pinning along the inseam hides any alteration.

  2. Turn the pants inside out

    Take the pants off and turn them inside out. If there is excess fabric, cut it away. A small amount of fabric may be sewn inside.

  3. Sew the pants

    Sew the pants along the new seam line that you have pinned. It's important to have the pants inside out at this point, so that the seams are hidden on the inside. If you are taking in the calves, as well as the thighs, you may need to adjust the hem at the bottom of the pants.