How Do You Tan Without Burning?


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Apply sunscreen prior to sun exposure to tan without burning. Use a waterproof or water-resistant sunscreen while swimming, and re-apply it after every swim to avoid getting burned.

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To tan without burning, gradually build up your tan. Start by using a 20 SPF sunscreen and spend no more than 15 minutes in the sun. Slowly spend more time outside as the day wears on. Apply sunscreen twenty minutes before sun exposure to allow the product to soak in. Choose a 30 SPF sunscreen for extended periods of sun exposure and ensure that it includes UVA and UVB protection. If you are prone to sunburns, opt for SPF 60 to keep your skin from burning.

Make sure that the sunscreen is uniformly applied over the entire body. Apply sunscreen liberally to your nose, forehead, cheeks, ears, nape, chest, shoulders and the back of your legs; these spots are prone to sunburns. Re-apply sunscreen frequently during the day, as it wears off due to sweating. Stay out of direct sunlight between 11 a.m to 3 p.m, if you are susceptible to sunburns, as the sun is at its hottest at this time. Get in the shade if your skin feels hot to the touch, as this could indicate a sunburn.

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