How Do You Tame Poofy Hair?

How Do You Tame Poofy Hair?

Frizzy or poofy hair is frustrating and often seems unavoidable if you live in a humid environment or have naturally frizzy hair. There are steps you can take at each stage of hair care to minimize poofy hair and create a sleeker, more manageable look. These include selecting appropriate hair products, conditioning the ends of the hair, avoiding heat styling and rough drying, and allowing hair to air-dry straight.

  1. Choose your hair products carefully

    Avoid hair products that use alcohol as an ingredient since it dries hair out. Instead, look for products that contain polymers and silicone. These ingredients coat your hair to protect it from external moisture, which causes poofiness and frizz.

  2. Condition the ends

    After shampooing, add conditioner to the ends of your hair, and then work the conditioner up toward your scalp. Finish your shower with a cold rinse to flatten your hair's cuticles. The flatter the cuticles remain, the shinier and smoother your hair looks once it dries.

  3. Don't blow dry your hair

    Blow drying your hair is damaging and creates more frizz. Avoid the blow dryer, and stay away from towel drying as well. Instead, twist your hair inside an old T-shirt to take out as much moisture as possible.

  4. Condition and air-dry your hair

    Do not brush your wet hair as it can damage the hair. Add leave-in conditioner to the ends of your hair with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. If you plan to air-dry your hair overnight, consider sleeping with it wrapped in the T-shirt you used to dry it. Let your hair air-dry. If you are unable to let it hang straight to air-dry, pin it into a loose bun to minimize frizz.