What Takes Out Red Hair Dye?

What Takes Out Red Hair Dye?

Detergent and chlorine bleach take red hair dye out of textiles. Color remover is needed to remove red dye from hair.

If removing red dye from hair, each manufacturer's color remover has its own directions, so it is best to carefully read them. Color remover will remove all color from hair. After removing all color, the hair is ready for a new application of the desired color.

Step 1: Test the fabric

If removing red hair dye from textiles, there are a few things to do, depending on the textile type. To remove red dye from fabric, begin by testing fabric for colorfastness on an out-of-the-way spot.

Step 2: Apply the cleaning mixture

Soak stained area in a mix of 1-gallon water and 1/4-cup chlorine bleach for 30 minutes if it is colorfast. If it is not colorfast, omit the bleach and substitute 1-cup ammonia.

Step 3: Mix the upholstery cleaner

To remove red hair dye from carpet or upholstery, use a mix of 1 tablespoon of liquid dish detergent, 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and 2 cups of cold water.

Step 4: Clean the upholstery

Coat the stained area with the cleaning mixture and let it soak into the upholstery or carpet fibers for a minimum of 30 minutes. Use a few drops of clear water and a sponge or paper towels to blot the stain away, working from the outer edge to the inside. Never scrub from side to side, because this can enlarge the size of the stain and will require extra effort to remove.