What Is Tackle Twill Lettering?

Tackle twill lettering refers to a sort of polyester twill that manufacturers cut and then sew to a garment. Uniforms for professional sports teams frequently use this form of lettering. Tackle twill on a single layer is the most frequent material for premier NFL jerseys, as it provides embroidery stitching that is stronger than designs that have been screen printed but weaker than tackle with multiple letters.

While tackle twill lettering is a type of appliqué, tackle twill combines designs, letters and numbers cut from a larger piece of fabric. The manufacturers use a satin, zigzag or double running stitch to attach the lettering to the jersey.

Other garments that use tackle twill lettering include school sweatshirts that generally feature a mascot, colors, the name of the school, the name of the sport and even the name of the wearer. Shirts that polo club members wear use tackle twill as well. The club name runs along the shoulder blades, featuring a large number beneath, as well as that same number on the sleeves. The club logo goes on the front near the left chest. For people looking for permanent apparel supporting their school, club or team, tackle twill lettering makes a more permanent bond.